Aerating machines

1. To help the soils breath and to alleviate compaction after continual grazing and compressing with machinery.

2. Proven to be beneficial in the help to prevent pollution from run off after slurry and solid manure application particularly in wet and difficult times.

3. To release locked up trace elements back into the soil to give better grass growth and quality.

4. Substantial savings on the amount of fertilizer required to grow the same quantity of grass.

5. Aerating trims lateral roots of the grasses and thickens the grass swards.

What are the financial benefits of aerating soils?

Some machine manufacturers and soil management advisors are claiming savings of 40 plus %. We would say the true saving is closer to 22-25% when the land is spiked 2 times per year spring and autumn.

This information is taken from a farmer who bought our first aerator 5 years ago. You can make the simple calculation of the money spent on your farm per acre. It is a fact that the price of fertilizer will only rise in the future being connected with oil and gas.

Make the financial calculation yourselves and decide if you think an aerating machine is a good investment for you.

Why aerate your soil with our machines?

1. Heavier construction, resulting in a heavier machine needing less added weight. Normally no extra added weight is required.

2. When it is necessary to add weight this is very simple with our machines, just add tractor wafer weights to the bar around the back of the tractor mounted models or fill the chassis of all models with what heavy scrap metal you have.

3. When in the working position our machines have the folding hydraulic ram cylinders locked with an independent check valve, stopping any creeping of the rams.

4. When folded all mounted machines are folded narrower than the outsides of the rear tractor tires, the trailed versions are the same or less than a standard trailer axle.

5. The rotors on all models have a center pivot to help it follow the contours of the land.

6. Heavy 4 bolt SKF bearings are used on all machines.

7. The tines are bolted with 16 mm bolts and double nutted.

8. We have a wider range of machines than our competitors from 5 meter mounted, 6 meter mounted, 6 meter trailed, and 10 meter trailed. We do not make anything less than a 5 meter machine, anything smaller is just too expensive to use with the cost of fuel and labor.


5 meters

6 meters

10 meters